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Destination Parties - From Eaton Event Hire

Whether it's a birthday celebration, hen/stag do or just a fun friends trip. Making sure everyone is happy and can go is tricky. We are here to help you and your friends/family have the time of your life!

Here are some key things to remember whilst organising;

Choose Location Wisely

Talk to the guests you want to invite and organise a destination that works for everyone. 'Destination' doesn't have to mean out of the country, it could mean that you live in Wales and travel to London, or live in New York and travel to Ohio. You also need to think about how easy it is to get to the location and whether you will all be going together, such as a coach or road trip. Or if you are expecting your guests to make their own way.

Know your Budget

Discussing what you expect people to pay for and what you are willing to cover with all your guests is the first step in setting your budget. Everyone has a different budget that they can and are willing to spend. Knowing who can come will help you know what your budget can be and will help you book activities and make reservations for hotels and restaurants etc.

Time to Prepare

Make sure to give yourself and your guests time to prepare and to make changes if needed. Keep everything in writing and in one space, maybe a document/note on your phone or a physical binder. Or you can create a group chat or google doc that your guests can add to and comment on. This way you can see all of your guest's concerns which makes it easier to organise the date and location. Booking things in advance then make it easier to hire caterers as you will know the exact location and time you need them.

Have an Unexpected Element

Whether you are planning this party for you or one of your friends/family. It is nice to have a surprise element to help keep it exciting. If the party is for yourself then could have a fun activity that you love, your guests will be excited to share something you love with you. If it is for someone else, think about what would make the event memorable for them. Maybe having an old friend or family member they haven't seen in a while. Having matching outfits that you all wear for a night/celebration can not only be a nice surprise for people, but it is also something that they can take home.

Make Reservations

Once you know the date, budget and number of guests you can make reservations. The earlier in advance you book the hotel/resort and activities the more likely it is that you will manage to get an early booking discount. If there is a certain restaurant you want to eat at, make sure you make a reservation, especially if you are a larger group.

Look at All-Inclusive Resorts

An all-inclusive resort can take all the stress of finding places to eat and activities away. Depending on the resort you choose and the style of event you want to be having, there can be activities at the resort that you or your guests may enjoy. It also means that you and your guests can be in the same resort but doing different things, you don't have to always be together. Most all-inclusive resorts have a pool, so if all else fails, bring your swimming gear.

Pick a Date That Suits Everyone

People have busy lives. Whether it's with their job, family or social life etc. It can be difficult to choose a date that everyone can make. The further in advance you plan and decide a date the more likely it is for people to be free. Select a date that works for the majority of people, and if there are people that you specifically want there take into account their schedules. If the event will be a long weekend or longer event then you will have to be prepared that some people may leave early or arrive late depending on when they are available.

Give Guests Something to Take Home

People love little trinkets to remember a special event/memory. So why not create a little goody bag for all your guests. You don't have to spend a lot of money, something that the local area is famous for is always a lovely way to remember the location (especially if it's edible!). Or a handwritten note thanking people for coming. If you have the time, you can customise the bags, so they have things that you know the recipient will appreciate. Such as having peoples names engraved on a glass. Anything you give them to take home will help extend the excitement of the event and will help people remember what you were doing and how great it was!

Written by Sanne @eatoneventhire