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Wedding Planning Struggles - From Eaton Event Hire

Planning a wedding can be difficult and very stressful. That is why hiring a wedding planner (Like us!) will make the day less stressful and more fun! Whilst planning your wedding there will be some difficult decisions to make and struggles that you may face.
Here are a few examples that we will help you deal with;

Difficult Guests

Whether it's on the day or trying to control the planning, difficult guests can change your dream wedding into a nightmare. Guests, especially family members, can feel as though they should be able to make decisions about the wedding and may get upset if their ideas aren't used. As wedding planners, we can handle these guests diplomatically whilst standing strong in your corner. We only want what you want, not what anyone else wants.

Sticking to the Budget

Budgets, however big or small, are difficult to stick by. You want your wedding to be special and want it to go perfectly, and sometimes things can get away from you. Then you've suddenly blown your budget and you've only planned the ceremony! As wedding planners, we know how to stick to a strict budget whilst still making your day magical.

Letting Others Control the Guest List

Your wedding day is for you and your partner, and you should be surrounded by people that you want to be there. Often couples feel pressured to add people that they don't particularly want at their wedding to the guest list. If you let other people dictate your guest list or invite people, most often family members, you feel obligated to invite even if you dislike/don't get along with can ruin the day for you.

Not Researching Your Vendors Properly

Finding a vendor, such as photography, catering, venue etc, can be difficult and become overwhelming. Research, research, research! There are a lot of vendors to choose from and they are not all good. Asking for client referrals or looking for reviews online is always a good way to understand how good a vendor is and if they are worth the money. As event planners, we are experts at finding and researching vendors for you and can take a lot of the stress away.

Having Unrealistic Expectations

We all make mistakes, and that includes your vendors. Some mistakes may happen and it is unrealistic to think everything will be exactly as you imagine. That is why we, as wedding planners, make the day less stressful by sorting out all the mistakes before you even realise they have occurred. We can help your day be as close to perfect as possible.

Partaking in Unwanted Traditions

Traditions are important if they mean something to you. There is no point in spending time and money on traditions you don't feel are important or that make you uncomfortable. You and your partner must talk about what traditions are important to you and which are not.

Staying Organised

This is the number one reason to hire an event planner. (Like us!) You are paying us to be organised for you. Trying to get everything done in the right order at the right time and still trying to enjoy the process is difficult.

Dresses and Suits

Don't spend all the clothing budget on the dress. Yes, it is extremely important, but so are the suits and dresses for the rest of the bridal party, if you're having one. You also don't want to buy the dress/suit too late because you need time to make alterations. Accessories also need to take up some of the budgets, they can take the dress from formal event to Disney princess, if that's what you want.


Timing isn't something most people consider when it comes to your wedding day. But you don't want things to feel rushed, or to drag on for too long. You also don't want it to be too early or too late. The right timing depends on many different aspects. For example, if the photography is important to you, consider what sort of lighting you want for your ceremony and reception. Is the event adults-only or not, as children get tired easily, it is worth keeping that in mind for the end time. Is the ceremony at the same venue as the reception, as otherwise, everything will take a bit longer because of travel time.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

No matter how much you love your wedding party, things might not go smoothly. Whether people don't understand their responsibilities, don't know your expectations, or are upset that they're not in the wedding party or if they are not the maid of honour/ best man when they feel they should have been. Here are a few considerations for choosing your wedding party. If you have siblings, that you have a good relationship with, ask them first. They've known you most if not all your life, no one understands you better and can handle all your potential breakdowns. For other candidates, ask yourself how reliable they are, you don't want people in your wedding party you can't count on. They are there to help you. You want the whole experience to be fun, so try and make sure that everyone likes each other (and if they don't, they will prioritise you over any possible animosity). And most importantly, be understanding. If you ask someone and they say no, don't take it too personally. There are many reasons people may not be able to be part of the wedding party. Have a calm discussion with them, and if them being in the party is important to you, see if there is anything that will make that possible.


As annoying as it is, not everyone lets you have their RSVPs. Sometimes you may have to chase some people. Unfortunately, you do just have to accept that not everyone that says they're going will come, and some people will come without replying. People may also not fill out the RSVPs properly. Such as, not filling out if they are bringing a plus one, not stating any dieting requirement or anything else you have asked them.

Drunk Guests

It's ok for people to drink if you're having alcohol at the wedding, but you don't want people to get rowdy. It can be very difficult to deal with this, so a great way to handle this is to designate someone in your wedding party to handle the drunk guests. You can also have a drink limit, tell the bartender or server to only serve a certain amount to people or to not serve people any more once they become too drunk and to not serve certain beverages, such as shots. Make sure you serve enough food to counteract the alcohol and that there are soft drinks available as well as plenty of water.


When organising the catering make sure you have tried the food and that you enjoy it. Don't just hire the vendor with the best reviews. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to food. Whilst you should try and accommodate everyone, it is your wedding and you should have the food that you want. With food requirements, some people don't fill out the RSVPs properly so if your caterer can provide it, it is best to have options.

Having Fun!

The hardest struggle whilst planning a wedding is having fun! Remember this is your and your partner's special day, to celebrate your love for one another. You should be having fun whilst planning, it may be stressful but that shouldn't be overwhelming. That is where we come in, we can help this magical process be stress-free and take care of all the burdens. Your wedding is for you and no one knows that better than us.
Written by Sanne @eatoneventhire


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